34th Annual Congress
of the European College
of Gerodontology

6-7 June 2024, Belgrade, Serbia

In collaboration with
School of Dental Medicine, University of Belgrade

Welcome letter

Respected and dear colleagues,

It is a great pleasure and honor to invite you to the 34th Annual Congress of European College of Gerodontology (ECG) scheduled to take place on June 6-7, 2024, in the organization of the School of Dental Medicine, University of Belgrade.

The central topic for this year’s congress is New frontiers in Gerodontology.

We find ourselves dealing daily with the intricate challenges of providing effective dental care for older adults, stemming from their compromised oral health on the one hand, and insufficient support from the health service on the other. Furthermore, Gerodontology still remains under-acknowledged in numerous regions of Europe as a very important professional and scientific field within dental medicine.

Our objective is therefore, to promote Gerodontology but also to facilitate the exchange of invaluable knowledge and experiences among colleagues. During the conference, we will explore a range of relevant topics, such as the consequences of multimorbidity and polypharmacy on oral health, challenges in endodontics, and therapy for craniomandibular dysfunctions. We will also address the complexities surrounding dental treatment for elderly people suffering from dementia. Our esteemed lecturers will also inform us on innovative methods in the rehabilitation of older adults with subtotal edentualism, managing facial and jaw defects after carcinoma treatment, and assessing masticatory efficiency and oral hypofunction. The conference promises an engaging exploration of the needs of the oral health care services and effective strategies to overcome current shortcomings. We are eager to develop a collaborative environment that fosters the sharing of insights and best practices.

On behalf of the ECG Council and the local Organising and Scientific Committee I look forward to welcoming you in Belgrade.


Aleksandra Popovac
President of the ECG
Prosthodontics specialist Associate professor in Clinic for Prosthetic Dentistry, School of Dental Medicine, University of Belgrade